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Have you ever looked for a powerful theme customizing tool? Our team has worked hard to update JM Basetheme to make it more user friendly and feature rich. Love to hear all your feedback and suggestion to improve further where possible.

With added practical Magento extension, JM TravelGear is a optimal choice for any outdoor activities clothing and travelling gear stores. You have full control over keeping track of your deal offerings, discount rate right in your back-end.

This Magento restaurant theme brings such a pleasing and harmonized look and feel for your Magento-based restaurant. It gives you full room to customize with resourceful blocks of content and imagery. A striking invitation to your visitor.

Oh... looks familiar right? An endless stream of a grid-style content is indeed handy, especially for customized portfolio websites where users can present their visual photographs, design and artwork.

I started to tap into graphic designs and websites since 2005. Since that time, I had chance to work across various projects from non-profit to business categories, at different levels which allow me to give my clients the benefits of a unified and comprehensive brand presentation for their business.

With the myriad of template providers, JoomlArt remains in my first choice. I am convinced by their extremely attractive designs, well thought-out and intuitive template configurations in the backend, and their excellent customer support.

UberTheme is a new dedicated branch of JoomlArt. Apart from the mission to become the most professional Magento theme and extension provider, our team will strive our best to keep pace with rapid growing Magento community.

Here comes the new update of JA K2 Filter - version 1.1.6, with a new cool added feature - applying relevance search. Now it's possible to define your K2 item's score for: title, meta description, meta keywork, description, etc.